Trust CD

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Spontaneous, Prophetic, Raw Worship.

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  Trust, It can be a hard thing to trust the Lord when everything around you is pointing in a negative direction. All things in the natural world are saying “it can’t happen”, or “that is never going to work”, or “That is impossible!”, etc but God is saying “Trust Me”. Why, when we “know” that He will never forsake us, do we still try to lean unto our own understanding?
This TRUST recording was from one worship session that lasted about two hours. The whole night seemed to revolve around the trusting of and leaning upon our Lord. To us, it would be great if He would just write everything He wants us to do or things that He is going to do on the wall for us to read. But He will not do that, He wants us to trust in Him and place our lives wholly in His hands.

Recorded Live at: the Lion Of Judah Worship Grounds
Lydia Renee Hart: Motif 7 and 8 Keyboards, Vocals
Alan (Aslan) Hart: Ebow, Flutes, Bongos, Congas, Vocals
Recorded on Yamaha AW4416 and Microboards DX-1
Released: 10/14/2011



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